Men’s Treatments

Mens Treatments In Braselton, GA

Men’s Treatments

Although many images on this website feature women, Vitality Med Spa proudly serves a significant and increasing male clientele. Our treatments and products, aimed at rejuvenating skin tone, eradicating unwanted hair, fostering hair growth, and eliminating persistent fat, are equally effective for both men and women.

Types of Services for Men

Laser Hair Removal

Guys, troubled by unwanted hair? Through non-invasive Laser Hair Removal treatments, we can permanently rid you of undesired hair from almost any part of your body and face. Achieve and effortlessly maintain a smooth back, chest, neck, and shoulders. *Sold In Packages Of 6 Treatments

Chiseled Jawline and Chin

Feeling self-conscious about a less-defined jawline? Chin up – we provide a range of efficient, non-surgical remedies for an indistinct jawline, jowls, or double chin. Regardless of whether it’s genetic, due to under-chin fat, or facial sagging, we can craft a treatment strategy to elevate, firm, and enhance your profile, adding definition where necessary.

Double Chin Removal

For men prioritizing non-surgical skin firming, Ultherapy® is a top-tier solution for double chins. Using ultrasound technology, it boosts collagen production, resulting in a naturally tighter appearance. It’s an ideal choice for addressing sagging skin without surgical downtime.

Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration Therapy is an innovative non-surgical procedure for men. This all-natural treatment uses PRP from the patient’s own blood to stimulate the inactive hair follicles, and results can be seen in only a few short months.


Men, starting in their early 30s, might observe wrinkles like “crow’s feet” around the eyes, “elevens” between the brows, or lines on the forehead. For those aiming for a youthful look, this swift procedure is ideal, with no downtime, allowing an immediate return to work.

Body Contouring /

Beer belly, love handles, rolls. Carrying extra weight around the midsection is common for many men. When traditional methods like diet and exercise don’t yield that coveted six-pack, Body Contouring/Liposuction offers a non-invasive solution. This treatment targets fat cells until they’re destroyed, allowing your body to naturally expel them, effectively addressing the belly, flanks, back, and other unwanted bulges.

We aim to deliver your desired results in a private, relaxed setting. Whether you aim to appear more youthful, refined, taut, or slender, we cater to every aspect of you – from your face and neck to love handles and beyond, schedule your appointment today.

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